Everything your business needs.

From Journal Entries to Web Pages, BizERP covers a lot of ground with a lot of ease.

Keep track of every transaction, taxes, billing and budgets.


Create multiple companies with each company having its own flexible Chart of Accounts.


Configurable Taxes

BizERP has a tax template that can map taxes from any country including Value Added Taxes (VAT)


Do your transactions in multiple currencies. Buy and sell in different currencies in the same Invoice.


Cost Centers and Budgets

Track your business expenses and income against cost centers and maintain account-wise budgets for each. BizERP will warn/stop you from exceeding your budget.

Make Invoices, Journal Entries

Maintain your book of accounts with Journal Entries, Sales and Purchase Invoices. All accounting and business entries are automatically updated in the General Ledger.


Trial Balance, Ledgers, AP/AR

Get standard financial reports like Trial Balance and Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR).

Convert Leads, send Quotations and ensure on-time shipping.

Track Leads

Create your lead database, get a view of your pipeline, get reminders from your calendar and track communication history.


Fulfill Orders

Track shipping / billing status across all orders to ensure on-time delivery and material planning.

Convert Opportunities

Update your database of Opportunities and get convert more by sending timely quotes.


Calculate Taxes and Discounts

Create multilevel item-wise tax and charges templates for easy order entry. Print Orders to include charges or taxes in item cost for simplified view to the customer.

Send Quotations

Prepare and send fully formatted Quotations with all Item details, including pictures, pricing and detailed terms and conditions. Track conversions into Orders


Run an efficient business with accurate information of stock on hand.

Items and Warehouses

Maintain Items across Warehouses. Set Item Price Lists and Taxes for detailed item cost tracking.


Warranty and Traceability

Maintain a database of unique Serial Numbers for items that require traceability and to warranty and maintenance contracts.

FIFO and Moving Average

Get your stock valued as per First-in-first-out (FIFO) or moving average. Make back-dated entries and the system will forward-calculate your valuation.


Batch inventory

Create and manage batches of inventory for expiry and other batch related information.

Stock Entries

Move items from and to various warehouses and "back-flush" inventory based on Bill of Materials.


Point of Sale

Update inventory, accounting ledgers and payments all in a simple Point-of-Sales (POS) form.

Manage your supply chain and stay on top of your purchases.

Avoid "Out-of-Stock"

Purchase Requests help you identify items you need to purchase and are created either manually, or if an item crosses its re-order level or from a Production Plan.



Sub-contract Items

Manage scenarios where you supply the raw-material to the sub-contractor to ensure that the right amount of material is sent and consumed.

Track Purchase Orders

Build and send Purchase Orders to your suppliers right from the system and track how much material is pending from which supplier.


Calculate Landed Costs

Spread expenses over a number of Purchase Invoices retroactively in cases where you get bills after a period of time.

Avoid Over Supply and Over Billing

Set limits on Over Supply and Over Billing and get warning if the Supplier is billing at a different rate or quantity.


Incoming Quality

Keep a record of sampling measurements on incoming Items from your suppliers.

Manage your bill of materials and plan for production.

Multilevel Bill of Materials (BoM)

Manage multi-level Bill of Materials and Operations for all sub-assemblies and final assemblies. Calculate manufacturing + material cost based on BoM.


Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Automatically calculate material required to complete a Production Plan based on Requested, Ordered, Actual and Reserved Stock.

Make Production Plans

Make Production Plans by combining Sales Orders and plan for material and operations.


Release and Close Work Orders

Release item-wise Work Orders, build and review material consumed for production and back-flush inventory on closing.

Manage administrative processes like payroll, expense claims and leaves.

Maintain Employee Records

Keep detailed records of your present and past employees including their work-history, skills, family information, health information.


Leave Management

Create and respond to Leave Applications and keep track of leaves taken by each employee.

Manage Payroll

Generate Payroll from Salary Structures created for employees based on tax rules, grade, department etc.


Expense Claims

Track and approve expense claims made by employees for travel and other reimbursement expenses.


Enter or upload attendance information and generate monthly attendance reports based on leaves, holidays etc.


Goals and Appraisals

Set goals for each employee and rate and record performance against the goals.

Wow your customers by making sure all queries are fulfilled on time.

Track Support Issues

Automatically pull support issues from your support email id and website and track status, respond and allocate.


Schedule Visits

Create maintenance schedules for equipment maintenance and get reminders on upcoming visits.

Manage Warranty

Create issues against Serial Numbers and identify quickly whether the item is under warranty or maintenance contract (AMC).


Record Visits

Record information of engineer visit reports for future reference and quality analysis.

Manage budgets, purchases and time for long projects.

Allocate Tasks

Create projects and tasks and allocate tasks to users. Get a Gantt Chart of all tasks allocated.


Track Time

Record time spent on each project / task via Time sheets for billing and reporting.

Set Budgets

Track purchases, sales orders against projects and get a project-wise profitability and variance for "engineer-to-order" type of businesses.


Project Reports

Get detailed reports of all pending activities, expenses and delivery schedules for complex projects.

Add comments, share events and keep track of all your co-workers.


Share events with co-workers and also track scheduled appointments with leads and visits.


Knowledge Base (Wiki)

Create a simple Q&A based Knowledge system and keep track of questions and answers for various company rules, statutory info etc.

To Do

Create and manage your to-do and assign transactions to other user's To Do to allocate work and manage workflow.



A simple messaging system for sending messages and documents to users from within the ERP.

Activity Log

Get a log of all activities in the system from all users. See log-in log-out times and creation, updation of new records.


Dashboard and Email Summaries

Get an accounting dashboard with all your sales, income, expense and profit trends. Setup system to send you daily, weekly, monthly summaries by email.

Setup permissions to ensure each users has access to only needed information.


Create custom Roles and assign roles to users and transactions.


Restrict by IP/Time of day

Restrict users to access information within a certain IP or time of day.


Set role-based permissions on each transaction. Also create special permission rules to restrict access by user, company, department etc.


Transaction Approval

Set approval rules based on amount etc. Setup separate roles to save transactions as "Draft" and "Submit" (release) transactions.


Customize to your taste and setup data quickly by importing spreadsheets.

Import from Spreadsheets

Import tables such as Customer, Supplier, Item and reconcile Stock, Attendance etc. directly from a spreadsheet (CSV) file.


Add Custom Fields

Add custom fields to any transaction based on your special business requirements.

Report Builder

Build report on any table in the system and export the report to spreadsheet for further analysis.


Customize Forms, Prints

Customize sequencing of fields, for editing and make custom Print Formats for Invoices, Quotations etc in HTML.